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Around the World Kid2Kid (Kid2Kid) is an innovative educational program helping children connect globally to promote peace, awareness, empathy and the promise of a brighter future. Around the World Kid2Kid is a project of the International Child Resource Institute (ICRI), an international non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization committed to improving the lives of children around the world. Kid2Kid and ICRI have posted our Privacy Policy in compliance with the guidelines set forth in the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998.

All children under the age of 13 must have written permission from their parents or legal guardians before participation on the Kid2Kid online community board. Teachers and team leaders may act in place of or on behalf of a parent/guardian in giving permission for class participation on the Kid2Kid website. In this event, a written notice should be sent home with the child explaining the extent to which the child will be expected to partake with the class project. All participants must comply with the rules and regulations set forth on the online community bulletin board. Please review these rules with your child to make sure that both of you are in agreement and fully understand the participation requirements.

If you have consented to allow your child to participate on online chats, please note that all email contact with other Kid2Kid members should be restricted to the email address provided. For your child's safety, the private messaging option has been disabled. Your child should not give out his or her user id, password, last name, home address, phone number and any other personal information to any online pen pals while chatting on the Kid2Kid bulletin board. Online chats will be moderated by your child's teacher and monitored by a Kid2Kid administrator. Kid2Kid reserves the right to lock a forum at any time deemed warranted and to restrict or delete access to the online community if our rules and regulations are not adhered to by all participants. Kid2Kid will make every effort to screen our website and bulletin boards for inappropriate activity, behavior, and language. Kid2Kid reserves the right to censor language, user names, and artwork deemed highly offensive and inappropriate.

Parents/Guardians may request a copy of the child's publishing and artwork before and/or after preparation for the world wide web by mailing a written request to Around the World Kid2Kid, 1581 LeRoy Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94708. For security reasons, Kid2Kid reserves the right to edit submitted materials prior to posting by removing any personally identifiable information other than your child's first name, age and country as per your written permission. If consent is denied, your child will not be permitted to use our online services. If consent is initially given and later revoked, Kid2Kid will immediately terminate your child's access to our online services upon receipt of your written request.

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