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  • Kid2Kid is free!
  • Access to the Kid2Kid website and to almost all the site locations including teaching materials, activities, lesson plans and teacher support is available to everyone! Access to and use of the Online Community is available only to those who have signed-on to become ‘official’ Kid2Kid members and have already made their first contact with a child or group of children they ‘met’ on the MEET REAL KIDS section of the KIDS website.
  • Becoming a Kid2Kid member is easy. Just let us know who you are and which Kid2Kid country or children at the MEET REAL KIDS section of the KIDS site you would like to meet and connect with. You will then become a Kid2Kid member and have your own passport to the Online Community so that you can communicate with others who have also just made a Kid2Kid connection.
  • Once you have signed-on you are automatically a Kid2Kid member for life and welcome to unlimited use of the Kid2Kid website and the Online Community, as a group or individual.
  • Let us know each time you want to meet new children so that we can facilitate the connection.

    What if I just want to use the Online Community and not make a Kid2Kid connection with a group or individual?

    Sorry, the Online Community is for members only who are making or have made a connection with a child or group of children that they met at the MEET REAL KIDS section on the website. (A member is any group or individual who has signed-on to make a Kid2Kid connection. (This is the way we can monitor the visits and assure your security and privacy.)



    This form is for teachers or organizations which are working with children, ages 6-12, and would like their children to be connected with other children from around the world.

    “Yes, We would like to be Kid2Kid members. We would like to ‘meet’ children from around the world and make Kid2Kid connections.”

    (We will send you instructions on how to make your first connections and a special passport number for access to the Online Community.)

    School / Organization Name
    Phone, Fax
    Contact Teacher
    Number of Children
    Age or Grade Level
    Language: Primary Mother Tongue:
    Language spoken in class:
    Is English understood? (Reading/Writing)
    Is a translator necessary and/or available?
    Country of interest (or I’ll take my chances.)
    Is there an area or subject of special interest? If so, please explain.

    We would like to hear from you!

    Need More Information? Contact Kid2Kid

    Program Manager
    : Caroline Austin
    Phone: 510-644-1000,
    Fax: 510-525-4106,or
    E-mail us.

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