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Kid2Kid Staff

CAROLINE AUSTIN is the Program Manager of Kid2Kid. She is also responsible for publications coordination for the Childcare Health Program and program assistance for the Multiethnic Education Program. She has over a decade of experience in management, accounting, and computer technology including web design/maintenance. Ms. Austin has written items on entertainment, enterprise, and psychology/child care. Ms. Austin has a BA in Business Administration from the University of the Virgin Islands, a MA accreditation from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Sciences and is a member of the Caribbean Association for Women Entrepreneurs and the National Association for Female Executives.

KENNETH JAFFE, M.A., J.D.,is the Executive Director of ICRI. Ken oversees ICRI offices or programs in the United States, Ghana, Chile, Nepal, Malaysia, China, Argentina and South Africa as well as a network of ICRI Field Representatives, consultants and advisors in 52 countries. He is the author of numerous articles on international childcare and management issues. He has assisted in the improvement or establishment of more than 300 child care, child health and child abuse prevention programs worldwide.

LISA RUTH SHULMAN, J.D. serves as associate director of International Child Resource Institute. She is responsible for Global Healthy Child Care, a project designed to improve the health and safety environments of children in care settings around the world. Lisa was a former vice president of Child Care Action Campaign (CCAC), a national non-profit organization focused on affordable and accessible quality child care for all families. She holds a J.D. from New York Law School and received a B.S. in mass communications from Boston.

FREEMA DAVIS (HILLMAN) is the Founder of Kid2Kid. She has a background as an educator and has taught primary school in Montreal, San Francisco and Kathmandu, Nepal. For the past 10 years Freema has served as the education specialist for an International NGO, Educate the Children (ETC), conducting teaching-training seminars in Nepal. She helped ETC establish Nepal's first government kindergarten. Under her guidance ETC has begun over 30 kindergarten programs around the country and the Teacher Training Center for Joyful Learning in Kathmandu. Freema continues to work with Kid2Kid on a consult basis.

JANET MASSITE is the Finance Manager at ICRI. Janet is also actively involved as a project support staff assisting various directors in different projects that relate to children, youth and women. Ms. Massite currently sits on the board of the Drawbridge, an arts program for homeless children. Ms. Massite holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and an MBA from Golden Gate University.

RUFARO KANGAI is the Administrative Coordinator of ICRI. She has over five years experience in the field of Office Administration and Communications. She graduated with a BA in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University. Rufaro has had the opportunity to live in countries such as India, Zambia and Austria, while her father worked as an Ambassador for the Zimbabwe government. Rufaro volunteers as a HIV Prevention and Education counselor for non profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay area.

Volunteers & Contributors

Kid2Kid is very grateful to the following friends and supporters who have made our pilot projects possible: Bud & Linda Davis, Gans Family Foundation, Marco Goodman Revocable Trust, International Child Resource Institute (ICRI), Patterson Family Foundation, Jean Simpson & Threshold Spontaneous Funding

And thanks to volunteers:

Manuel Austin – Web Development: Manuel is a high school student at Arbor Academy. He plans to own his own video game production company after completing his studies in video game designs. Manuel volunteered his skills with design layout.

Justin Chin – Summer Intern: Justin is completing his BA at Seattle University, majoring in International Studies. He plans to be a teacher and hopes to teach abroad in the near future. Justin's research, writing and editing skills were a great asset to the development of our website.

Lorraine Chao – Curriculum Writer: Lorraine generously contributed her time and expertise in early childhod education, developing several of the Kid2Kid lesson plans for grades K-2.

Peter Kimani Kamau – Curriculum writer: Peter offered his talents as a teacher iat a pilot school and developed a Kid2Kid lesson for grades K-6. He is the brother of the Program Director of ICRI Africa, Maggie Kamau.

Jeffrey Pierre – Web Development: Jeffrey offered his valuable assistance in reviewing the website and uncomplainly located photos for inclusion to the website. He is a rock and rock musician, a video arts editor, producer and director, and the father of a one.

Jean Simpson – Curriculum writer: Jean was previously a special educator for the Oakland school district. She has a masters degree in Special Education and is an invaluable volunteer who proof-reads, edits and writes curriculum.

UC Work Study students and volunteers – Brandy Gamoning, Manisha Gupta, Bryant Yang, Jennifer Mullee, Abigail Orellana, Betty Wang, Luke Sanders, Sheena Simpson, Candace Neal, and Yasuhiro Higashi.

Join Us!

There are many ways to join us–as an individual student, class or group of children, teacher or group leader, volunteer, NGO, or a friend and supporter.

Membership is free and available to all teachers and group leaders. The benefits to you and your students are substantial! Once you have explored our site please take a moment to consider becoming a Kid2Kid member.

It’s free!

To become a member, you, as the teacher or group leader, simply need to register with Kid2Kid.

Registration is simple. You are registered once you notify us by email that your group of students would like to write letters and/or become involved with one of the groups of kids listed on the site. By registering you help us ensure that all Kid2Kid children are acknowledged.

We would like to hear from you!

Need More Information? Contact Kid2Kid

Program Manager:
Caroline Austin
Phone: 510-644-1000,
Fax: 510-525-4106,or
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