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There are many ways to join us–as an individual student, class or group of children, teacher or group leader, volunteer, NGO, or a friend and supporter.

Membership is free and available to all teachers and group leaders. The benefits to you and your students are substantial! Once you have explored our site please take a moment to consider becoming a Kid2Kid member.

It’s free!

To become a member, you, as the teacher or group leader, simply need to register with Kid2Kid.

Registration is simple. You are registered once you notify us by email that your group of students would like to write letters and/or become involved with one of the groups of kids listed on the site. By registering you help us ensure that all Kid2Kid children are acknowledged.

We would like to hear from you!

Need More Information? Contact Kid2Kid

Program Manager:
Caroline Austin
Phone: 510-644-1000,
Fax: 510-525-4106,or
E-mail us.

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