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The information on this page is geared toward non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Friends of Kid2Kid who would like information about partnering with Kid2Kid.

NGO’s Role

We value your participation and contribution to Kid2Kid. NGOs play an essential role in ensuring that Kid2Kid's goals are met.

Here's how it works:

  1. We partner with NGOs worldwide that work with kids (ages 6-12) who would like to make a new friend, and find out all about how they live in their country.
  2. We ask that you identify how many children you work with between the ages of 6-12 who would enjoy “meeting” children from far away, and send a photograph of a representative group of kids with a brief description of who they are.
  3. We will post this photo on our website so that kids around the world will "meet" your children. These classroom kids will learn about your country and write letters to the children you have identified.
  4. Each of your children will receive a letter from a classroom kid, of a similar age, from somewhere around the globe, with an enclosed photograph and/or artwork.
  5. When the letters arrive we ask that you translate them, if necessary, and hand-deliver them to your children. If possible take another photo of your children opening their letters and “meeting” their new friends so that we can immediately put this on our web site for all to see.

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NGO & Kid2Kid Partnership Agreement

Requirements for NGO Participation

NGOs must:

  • Work with children ages 6-12;
  • Show proof of at least 80% of income going directly to program;
  • Have a proven track record. i.e., must have an untarnished and successful history;
  • Submit a copy of basic financial statements to ICRI and a list of needs (please limit to basic school supplies such as pencils, pens, paper, books, etc.); and
  • Agree to conduct the Kid2Kid connection (receive photos & letters, disseminate information and collect responses) in a timely manner.

In return for your participation Kid2Kid will:

  • Feature your organization on our website;
  • Provide a link from our website to yours;
  • Air-ship all deliveries to you;
  • Reimburse you for all authorized costs (film, postage, stationery, etc.);
  • Provide membership cards for all participating children; and
  • If any donations and/or care packages are collected for your project they will go directly to your organization so that you can continue with your valuable work.

We would like to hear from you!

Join Us!

Need More Information? Contact Kid2Kid

Program Manager: Caroline Austin
Phone: 510-644-1000,
Fax: 510-525-4106,or
E-mail us.

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Information for Friends & Supporters

International Child Resource Institute (ICRI)

The International Children's Resource Institute (ICRI) is the sponsoring organization for the Kid2Kid Project. ICRI is a non-profit 501(c)3 international organization, established in 1981. ICRI is committed to improving the lives of children and families around the world by enabling them to survive and succeed. ICRI provides technical assistance and consultation to a wide variety of national and international organizations, businesses, governments, non-profits and others interested in children's issues. For additional information please visit the ICRI website:

Support Kid2Kid!

Kid2Kid is a new program and in great need of friends and support. There are many ways that you can partner with us. Consider the following:

  • Sponsor a new group of kids or the introduction of a new country by covering our actual cost per each additional NGO;
  • Provide matching funds;
  • Support website maintenance;
  • Support ongoing curriculum development;
  • Provide unrestricted donations of any amount; or
  • Volunteer in our office or classroom.

Join Us!

There are many ways to join us–as an individual student, class or group of children, teacher or group leader, volunteer, NGO, or a friend and supporter.

Membership is free and available to all teachers and group leaders. The benefits to you and your students are substantial! Once you have explored our site please take a moment to consider becoming a Kid2Kid member.

It’s free!

To become a member, you, as the teacher or group leader, simply need to register with Kid2Kid.

Registration is simple. You are registered once you notify us by email that your group of students would like to write letters and/or become involved with one of the groups of kids listed on the site. By registering you help us ensure that all Kid2Kid children are acknowledged.

We would like to hear from you!

Need More Information? Contact Kid2Kid

Program Manager:
Caroline Austin
Phone: 510-644-1000,
Fax: 510-525-4106,or
E-mail us.

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